Tour Pompei Sorrento Positano

Pompeii – Vesuvius – Sorrento tour has a duration of about 8 hours and gives the opportunity to visit the excavations of Pompeii, Vesuvius and the wonderful city of Sorrento.

This itinerary is also perfect for those who stay in Naples for a short time and I want a tour to see some of the beauty of the Campania region. Also you can start from any city on the Amalfi Coast, from Sorrento and from Salerno.

The order in which the destination of this tour want to be visited can be decided at the time of booking.


The city Pompeii offers the vision of a Roman city frozen in time due to the devastating eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. You will see Pompeii before and after the tragic eruption of 2000 years ago through the artefacts found during excavations and the remains of houses, shops, bathrooms and brothels. You’ll imagine the moment when their world has disappeared. Pompei provides a complete and clear picture of the society and daily life of the Romans. 

You can not miss a visit to this archaeological site if you pass by Campania or the Amalfi Coast.


Vesuvius is an active type explosive volcano which is now in a quiescent state and is located in the Monte Somma mountain range. It is 1281 meters high and is located east of the city of Naples. Vesuvius is interesting for its eruptions, among which the most famous was that of 79 AD, which destroyed Herculaneum and Pompeii. It is also known for having at its slopes one of the most famous and advanced observatories for volcanoes (commissioned by King Ferdinand II of Bourbon during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies). The Vesuvius tour will take you up to the top of this volcano.


Sorrento is one of the most enchanting towns of the Sorrento Peninsula and since the time of the Grand Tour it has been a popular tourist destination. It is an ideal place for any holiday need and can be visited throughout the year.

There are numerous natural beauties, such as the panoramic terraces with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples and there are also numerous places of historical and architectural interest.

Sorrento is also famous for its warm hospitality reserved for its visitors and for its tasty traditional gastronomy.

Included in the tour

The tour package includes a car with a private driver who speaks English correctly, fuel, parking and motorway tolls.

Excluded from the tour

The tour package does not include entrance ticket to the monuments, an authorized guide, lunch, shopping and souvenirs.