Tour Pompei Sorrento Positano
The tour of Pompei - Vesuvius – Sorrento lasts about 8 hours and gives you the possibility of visiting the beautiful city of Pompei and Sorrento and allows you to touch by hand the magnificence of the biggest, active volcano in Italy. This itinerary is perfect for those that find themselves in Naples for only a short time and want to see as much as possible. You can see the places on the tour in any order you prefer. The city of Pompei is a vision of an ancient roman city frozen in time by the devastating eruption of Vesuvius in 79 DC. You will see roman stores, bathes and bordellos. Experience how life was before and after the epic eruption 2000 years ago. Imagine the exact moment their world ended and re-live it through the miraculous findings. Witness life and death through the people locked in time by the ash. Pompei gives a complete and clear picture of every day and social roman life. Vesuvius is an active volcano in a dormant state and is situated on the mountain range of MONTE SOMMA. Known for its famous eruption in 79 DC that destroyed the cities of Pompei and Ercolano. It is also known for having at the base, one of the most famous and advanced observatories for volcanoes (requested by king Ferdinando II of the two Sicilie). Always the center of attention due to the constant re-building located at the base of the volcano. Sorrento is one of the more enchanting cities on the Sorrentina peninsula and a highly sought after tourist stop since the days of the grand tour. It is the ideal place for any vacation all year long due to its beauty and mild climate. There are a number of natural beauties such as the breath taking view of the Gulf of Naples from the many panoramic terraces as well as many historical architecture. Sorrento is very famous for their warm hospitality towards their guests as well as their delicious traditional local cuisine.
Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno
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