Tour Ravello Amalfi Positano
With this tour you will visit Pompei – Ercolano – Oplonti. This itinerary will show you a global vision of daily life in roman society. You will have a better understanding of the devastation that took place on August 24 79 DC. that killed thousands of people and destroyed the cities of Pompei, Ercolano and Oplonti. The city of Pompei is a vision of an ancient roman city frozen in time by the devastating eruption of Vesuvius in 79 DC. You will see roman stores, bathes and bordellos. Experience how life was before and after the epic eruption 2000 years ago. Imagine the exact moment their world ended and re-live it through the miraculous findings. Witness life and death through the people locked in time by the ash. Pompei gives a complete and clear picture of every day and social roman life. Ercolano was a vacation area for the rich and wealthy romans living in the region, with the breath taking views and easy access to the beach. Ercolano disappeared underneath a flow of pyroclastic volcanic mud, like Pompei it was then buried under a thick layer of volcanic ash and rock. You will see spacious houses, sanctuaries, bathes, and outside the walls many beautiful villas like the magnificent Villa of the Papyri. Oplonti or the Villa of Poppea is an antique roman villa located on the sea between Napoli and Sorrento. It is also named Villa Oplonti. The villa is a large structure located in an antique roman city. You will see well-kept frescoes and small incredible alcoves with gardens. History tells us that this villa was owned by Nerone but used by his second wife, the famous Poppea Sabina, as her principle residence before her transfer to Rome.
Naples, Amalfi, Salerno
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