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We will wait for you in the wonderful Amalfi Coast to show you the culture, history, and beauty of various places:


Amalfi, one of the four major maritime republics in Italy, still today conserves with pride and shares its glorious past to the numerous visitors. Among the favorite sites to visit are the cathedral, the cloister of paradise, the arsenals, various museums and much more.



One of the most famous coastal locations. You must visit the famous Villas Cimbrone and Rufolo, the cathedral / museum with priceless works of art / sculptures depicting an Arabic atmosphere / Norman, simply walking through the wonderful city square.
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Characterized by its unusual characteristic architecture, Positano is the most elegant city on the coast. Know worldwide not only for its beauty, but also for its second nature, which is fashion.
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Located in the middle of Oranges and lemons on a tufaceous ground, this wonderful city faces the Gulf of Naples. Filled with many historic places and artistic jobs, the most important being inlaid wood work.
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Only 45 minutes by car is one of the most famous archeological sites located in all of Italy. Ancient Pompei was much larger than Ercolano, a central city occupied by a population of about 20,000 people. A place where rich roman citizens could take refuge from everyday city life. Destroyed by an eruption of Vesuvius in 79 DC, it is one of the most visited sites in Italy.
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Located in the oriental part of the Gulf Of Salerno, 10 km from the river delta Sele (ant. Silaros) in the Lucania territory and on the confines of the northern region which in the 4th century was called Magna Grecia, was one of the riches and flourishing Greek cultures on the Northern terrene coast.
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Napoli e Vesuvio

Capital of the Campania region, Naples is an important center of history and art. Up until the end of 1860 it was the capital of the kingdom of the two Sicilia’s (delle due Sicilie) playing an important role in the earlier centuries. The points of interest are numerous, so a day long excursion is recommended.
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